OMF is a not-for-profit retirement project making films to raise funds and/or awareness for specific charities. OMF is not a company and is not a charity.
Although OMF is not a business and we prefer to produce our films as a group of friends, the law requires us (and you) to do things in a specific manner and to comply with the laws of the land. So everyone has a contract and there are procedures we must, if ever so reluctantly, comply with.


Nobody may go on-set or perform without first having signed a contract.
Contracts are valid for a complete production and also any pickup or additional scenes filmed at a later date. Contracts will be made available at the first shooting session for each applicable actor.
Contracts for minors must be signed by the minor's official parent or guardian.
Minors must be chaperoned at all times by an appropriate parent or sanctioned adult. Chaperones need not be the parent or guardian signing the minor's contract but must be approved for the specific minor.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Because all OMF cast and crew give freely of their time and skills, there is a duty to ensure that they are neither compromised or exploited. Similarly, since all OMF projects are produced to create awareness of issues or to raise funds for charitable groups there is also a duty to ensure that donations are not squandered or inapropriately syphoned off.
General Agreements
OMF procedures are based on the requirements or guidance of two groups: the IMIS (International Motion Image Society) which is headquartered at Pinewood Studios and of which Ian W Bennett MBKS is a long serving member, and the BBC, Britain’s senior broadcaster. OMF contracts are based on IMIS and BBC practice.
Social Media
OMF hold personal privacy in high regard. Contracts include specific routes for publishing images or details of an OMF production, whether in the pre-production, production or post-production stages. In general, and particularly in the case of children / minors / child actors, OMF do not allow any images, written details or other content applicable to an OMF production to be published on or uploaded to ANY social media platform or web site. This condition is an integral element of OMF personal protection and will be pursued vigorously.
Children in OMF Films
While it is understood that parents may wish to give their children as much publicity as possible, particularly older children nearing their teens, OMF must address the bigger picture and whether publicity affects either the production or cast of all ages. OMF have therefore put in-place a robust policy to protect children appearing in an OMF film.

In the case of minors (under 18 and and children), OMF add in practices required by or recommended by Government and also with regard to protections advised by organisations such as NSPCC and the Salvation Army, with which organisation most OMF crew are heavily involved.
Child Performance Licenses
In many cases, child performance licenses are required by law for children appearing in films. However, because OMF films will not be screened to a paying audience, will not be screened on licensed premises and children in OMF films are not paid, a child performance licence is not normally required.
Where OMF arrange for a film to be a screened, it will be a private screening to a non-paying audience for legal purposes. Any monies paid will be charity donations.
Distribution - DVD & Blu-ray
OMF do not sell anything. If somebody makes a donation to the target charity or towards film production costs then as thanks for their support they will receive a disk free of charge with OMF thanks.
Intellectual Rights
To protect the charities and groups supported by OMF, the standard OMF contract assigns all rights in the film, including third party clips, to OMF. This ensures that funds cannot be subsequently claimed by a third party or cast member that would dilute the donation raised.