OMF is a not-for-profit retirement project making films to raise funds and/or awareness for specific charities. OMF is not a company and is not a charity.
OMF is a retirement initiative run by volunteers. There are always opportunities to get involved, though these vary from film to film. Check out our current projects to see where you can get involved.


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Support options start at just £10 where your name will be included in the rolling credits. A range of options is available including discount price DVD and Blu-ray disks, reserved seats at the premiere and even Exec-Producer status!


There are cast opportunities on this film for children and adults from lead characters to supporting roles and extras. Click CAST LIST to view the list of available characters. Click JOIN CAST to register your interest.


AfterAffects follows two families over almost a decade. The four adults will need to age by nine years as the film progresses so we have a need for a makeup artist.


OMF is a not-for-profit initiative that has been making award winning films since 2013. Doing that needs a team of volunteers working in harmony.

From complete novice to big screen pro, whatever your level of skill or knowledge you will be welcome.

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Tariro is currently being completely re-cut with some new scenes being shot and a full digital surround sound audio track created. Release will be in Summer 2018 with limited edition Blu-ray and DVD after a closed doors premiere screening. You can pre-reserve your own copy at a discount price (no payment required to reserve).