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Production: 2013
Runtime: 15 mins
Supporting: Salvation Army

The short film that upped the ante and set OMF's remit in place.

Produced to illustrate the seven years that Salvation Army ministers had spent leading the Southport Corps, this film was created very much behind the scenes combining archival stills with new footage and talking heads, all produced entirely without the officer's knowledge.

Under the impression that a documentary about the work of the church was being made that would not be released until long after they had moved on to their new posts, the leaders themselves were totally unaware when they were interviewed for their own parts in the film.

Projected at the last service led by the minister, the film even had a surprise 'hidden' entry where the band, introduced by the unsuspecting minister, made a complete hash of the start of the last piece of music in the service.

Re-started by the bandmaster, they then actually mimed as the on-screen imagery seemingly came from a live CCTV feed of the band playing, when in reality it was actually the film starting.

This film was so successful that a DVD run was commissioned. Setting a trend in place, proceeds were donated to the corps work with children.
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Production: 2013
Runtime: 45 mins
Donation: Salvation Army

In depth documentary covering a public automotive event in a North West market town.

The film went behind the scenes with participants preparing their cars for the event, their arrival in the town centre early on event day, a competitive AutoSolo and parades around the town ring-road watched by thousands.
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Production: 2014
Runtime: 120 mins
Supporting: Salvation Army

The first OMF feature film, for which an in-house film school was set up to train a crew to industry standards.

Tariro was produced to raise awareness of human trafficking in Britain and follows three victims. Based on real case histories, while there is light at the end of the tunnel there's joy, sadness - and a death.

In 2019, Tarifo was completely re-cut, new scenes filmed, existing locations amended with advanced CGI and re-released as One Way Traffic.
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Production: 2014
Runtime: 27 mins
Supporting: Salvation Army

A shortened re-cut distilled from Tariro at the request of the Salvation Army, Zorina follows just one victim
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Peak Squadron
Production: 2017
Runtime: 40 mins
Supporting: MOC
Donation: Salvation Army

A tongue-in-cheek documentary of the Messerschmidt Owners Club annual rally, this film used advanced production techniques to put a club member and his car into the sky in a pseudo WW11 dog fight and, later, two bubble cars to marry!

Based at a racecourse, the rally featured displays of member owned cars, trips out into the countryside, a visit to a tram museum and celebration meal events. Peak Squadron covers them all.
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Production: 2015
Runtime: 35 mins
Donation: Age Concern

Not one of OMF's usual films, Silver is essentially the celebration of a Silver Wedding - with a difference!

Talking heads of the couple - filmed separately - and talking about each other gives this film a special treatment and, importantly, it raised a charity donation.
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Production: 2015
Runtime: 4 mins
Donation: Salvation Army

The shortest ever film made by OMF - and the biggest donation.

A remake of the 1959 Playmates hit, The Bubble Car Song who's lyrics had a tiny bubble car out accelerating a big powerful limousine, BeepBeep was filmed using bubble cars and a Rolls Royce backed by the original hit song.

Produced under the Silly Film umbrella and released anonymously on YouTube, this was brought in to the OMF fold when HMV waived copyright.

Select TRAILERS from the main menu to view the BeepBeep trailer or visit the OMF YouTube shorts channel from this page to view the complete film.

BeepBeep raised OMF's all time biggest charity donation.

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152 at 90
Production: 2016
Donation: Queenscourt Hospice
Donation: Salvation Army

Originally planned to be premiered and released on DVD at the Atkinson (a council owned facility in Southport), 152 is a documentary of the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of Sir Henry Segrave setting the world land speed record on Southport beach.

A true documentary,152 goes behind the scenes with event organisers, details the council's blunders and a local car club stepping in to save the event.

With the council not smelling of roses, 152 was premiered at a golf club and released VOD.
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Production: 2015
Supporting: Salvation Army
Donation: Queenscourt Hospice

Celebrating the centenary of the YP Band (children's brass band) at Southport Corps

Trips out to a bowling lanes, talking heads with children 'spilling the beans' on their elders, practice for a celebration concert, the return of 'old boys' and sequences from the concert.
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Production: 2018 & 2020
Runtime: 61 min
Donation: Salvation Army

A charismatic film based on real case histories of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder showing the impact on lives when expectant women drink alcohol.

AFX follows three babies with dramatic scenes as one family implodes and a local authority mismanages another while parents are left to pick up the pieces.

View trailer in the TRAILERS page

True to life, harrowing in places yet humorous in others, AFX is available to watch on Amazon Prime broadcast channel.
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One Way Traffic
Production: 2014 & 2019
Runtime: 108 min
Supporting: TSA Trafficking Unit
Donation: Salvation Army

1WT is based on OMF's earlier feature movie, Tariro, but with a complete re-edit and new footage.

With new digital techniques available and gaps in the storyline identified, every scene was taken right back to its core camera clips and re-cut with a more dynamic concept.
View trailer in the TRAILERS page
New scenes were filmed in Cyprus and cutting edge technology employed to create unavailable locations and update others.

1WT premiered in Southport, has won a raft of international awards and is available to view on the Amazon Prime broadcast channel.
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Buying More Time
Production 2019/2020/2021
Runtime 50 min (est)

After more than 50 years running a small heritage steam railway, a group of volunteers found themselves close to eviction when the land on which their railway ran was earmarked for housing.

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Released in 2019, Buying Time was the story of their efforts to raise the funds to buy the land.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic struck and everything ground to a halt.

Filmed over the following two years, Buying More Time puts the spotlight on the WLLR team's worries and their efforts to survive amidst lockdown and enforced closure.
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Production: 2021
Runtime: 10 mins
Release: 2021

Take a toy shop that is closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, add in two model race cars and real human drivers, then drop it all into a seaside location with a seafront racetrack worthy of Monte Carlo - plus a few thrills and spills of course - and what do you get?

The pure fantasy of Lockdown Grand Prix of course.

Inspired by Disney/Pixar®, Lockdown Grand Prix combines live action with animation, chromakey and manipulated models.

LGP is ten minutes of pure fantasy.

You can view the trailer in the TRAILERS page or the full film in the OMF YouTube channel (access from the BOX OFFICE page).
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OMF Channel
Over a period of time, a number of non-commercial short films were uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel. Mainly travelogues and similar interests, runtime was in the order of five to ten minutes for each film.

As time went by, changes to YouTube requirements prevented us uploading new films so in 2021 a new channel was set up with selected shorts from the original (including the ever popular BeepBeep), as well as a number of new films.

More shorts are being added on a regular basis, the most recent being Bodnant Gardens, The Beatles Tour (Liverpool) and Three Days in Scotland (which features Edinburgh Castle and also North Berwick).

Click the button to visit.
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Title: Trains in The Attic
Release: 2021
Runtime: 12 min 21sec
Definitely not OMF's usual fare, TTA does not raise awareness for a charity, although Geoff has devoted years of his life to supporting the Salvation Army and, over the last decade, OMF too.

This short film came about following a request from an OMF crew member who had spent most of his adult leisure time building a model railway in his loft. Approaching the inevitable day when it would all have to be dismantled, his request was for some sort of memento of what had been.
That however isn't how OMF work - nor would a basic memento have done justice to his lifetime's work.

So TTA is a proper film in every sense of the word. At 12 minutes runtime it is definitely a short, but with talking heads, commercial intro titles, SFX link to the attic and punchy run-out into final credits, TTA is a real film.

View it in the OMF YouTube channel (link from the Box Office).
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